HOWARD’s Grass Sweeper HSW collects grass clippings, leaves, twigs etc. into a steel hopper, which can be neatly emptied from the tractor seat. Also suitable for picking up tin cans, polystyrene food-boxes, plastic bags and other litter.

Labour saving alternative to raking and sweeping of : Golf Courses, Parks, Sportfields and Fairgrounds. Four rows of easily changeable polybrush combsare fitted horizontally onto a rotor shaft. Wide profile rear turf tyres – and pneumatic front castor wheels which also serve as height adjusters. Designed for sweeping and collecting light debris off uneven terrain – primarily turf, but works equally well on hard surfaces such as running tracks, dirtroads and parking lots, where, however, more bristle wear must be anticipated.

For cement or tarmac surfaces it is recommended to use HOWARD’s circular bristle Roadsweeper HTS 180.

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