About Us

Howard Malaysia has built a solid reputation for delivering high quality products since it was established in 1962. Over the years, its product range has evolved to cater also for palm oil plantations, turf-care and road maintenance, besides its traditional soil preparation implements for paddy farmers.

Rotavation or rotary tilling describe the soil cultivating technique invented by A.C.Howard – implements manufactured by Howard Malaysia, primarily for paddy soil preparation.

In 1922, Australian agricultural engineer A.C. HOWARD invented a mechanical rotary hoe, and named it: “ROTAVATOR” i.e. HOWARD’s ingenuous trade name, which is claimed to be one of the longest words that spells the same, backwards as forwards (palindrome).

As rotavators gained world-wide popularity for seedbed preparation, headquarters were shifted to England and production facilities were established also in other European countries. In 1985 the HOWARD Group was acquired by the Danish Thrige Agro Group (now HOWARD A/S), by which time there were also HOWARD associate companies in South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia and USA. In December 2000 the HOWARD Group became a member of Kongskilde Industries, Soroe, Denmark.

HOWARD Malaysia was established in 1962 as a trading company by a retired planter, who wanted to introduce rotavation to Southeast Asian farmers. In 1976 it was converted to a manufacturing company, in joint venture ownership between the HOWARD Group and Malaysian National Farmers Association (NAFAS). During this period, HOWARD played its role in assisting local farmers convert from manual to mechanical soil cultivation. Malaysian paddy farmers have today practically fully mechanized their field work, and are in this respect considered pioneers in Southeast Asia.

Over the years, HOWARD Malaysia has diversified its product range to cater also for palm oil plantations, turf- care and road maintenance, besides its traditional soil preparation implements for paddy farmers.

The factory is located in Rawang, 35km North of Malaysia’s capital: Kuala Lumpur. Its machines are distributed by over 200 dealers throughout Southeast Asia.


To be first choice manufacturer and supplier of quality agricultural implements across Southeast Asia by setting leadership standards of performance and customer care.


Howard is a leading brand of agricultural and turf-care implements in Southeast Asia. We value trust and long-term relationships with stakeholders. With the competence we have built up over the last 45 years and a constant emphasis on quality and reliability, we strive to:

  • Manufacture and supply documented quality products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Service a wide dealer network with informative sales material and efficient customer communication.

At Howard, we are not just individuals doing our respective jobs.

Our highly competent and close-knit team strive for continual improvement to consistently deliver high quality products to our customers. Today, our operations span over:

  • Traditional soil preparation implements for paddy farmers
  • Implements for palm oil plantations
  • Implements for turf-care
  • Implements for road maintenance
Statement of Quality Principles:

Howard always strives to exceed customer satisfaction & ensure it meets legal HSE requirements;

Always strive for continual improvement;

Profitability through competent staff;


Key components are sourced from world-class specialist manufacturers (gearboxes, blades, chains, universal drive shafts, bearings, etc.) to be integrated into the various implement designs. Fabrication, assembly and testing is carried out to strict quality standards (lSO, UKAS, CE). HOWARD’s standard product range comprises 17 different implement models, in a total of 46 different variations and working widths – to match any brand of tractor in any horsepower range.


Each implement comes with a detailed Component Chart, identifying all assembly parts. The accompanying Owner’s Manual describes lubrication and service schedule, and gives guidelines for tractor-mounting and general operation of the Machine. Manuals are in English, but can also be made available in other languages.


HOWARD implements are designed for simple and easy maintenance. Wear & tear spare parts are described in a special price list, to enable users to hold a limited stock, and thereby minimize machine down-time. Parts are easily identified from the exploded view drawings in the Manual and are also downloadable from the PARTS listing on this web-site. HOWARD spares are assured available at least 8 years after date of machine purchase. A picking rate of over 98% has been continuously achieved by HOWARD’s Parts Department, since the Introduction of this benchmark fifteen years ago.


HOWARD implements are available through over 200 Authorized Dealers in Southeast Asia. HOWARD or its Dealers can provide commissioning and field back-up service if required.